All towbars are covered by a manufacturers life time guarantee (as long as you own the car) Electric components are guaranteed for 12 months.

All towbar fitting is carried out in our well equipped workshop, with a fast turn around in fitting your towbar you could be back on the road again in a few hours.


Single Electrics

Single Electrics, also known as 12(N), are fitted as standard.

They provide power from the towbar to the lights on a trailer or caravan. If you’re only going to be towing a trailer, this is all you need.

You can tow a caravan using only single electrics, but the interior functions of the caravan, such as the fridge, won’t have power to them.

If you will only be using the towbar for a cycle carrier, we recommend that you still have a single electric socket fitted so that you can power a light board over the bikes.

Twin Electrics

Twin Electrics, or 12(S) are fitted in addition to single electrics if you are going to use your towbar for towing a caravan.

The extra grey socket provides power to operate the interior functions of the caravan, such as interior lights, run the fridge and charge the battery while you are towing.

13 pin Electrics

13 pin Electrics are standard in most european countries. They will slowly replace the separate 2 socket currently used in this country. The 13 pin socket is essentially the two 7 pin sockets merged in to one.

All caravans manufactured in the UK from 2008 will be fitted with an ISO 13 pin connector as standard. This system uses one socket with 13 pins inside, instead of the traditional two separate 7 pin sockets.

13 pin sockets are also used on some vehicles – especially with detachable towbars when there isn’t enough room to mount two separate sockets.

Ultra Smart Bypass Relay

7 lamp bypass with programmed microchip controller, intelligent switching on all circuits makes the trailer lights work correctly at all times, however complex the car’s lighting control system.


The advanced relay uses logic to control the switching of the trailer lighting circuits. The ultra smart bypass, with its enhanced logic will work without adjustment on virtually all current 12v cars. It bypasses any vehicle bulb failure warning systems.

  • Comfortably handles the most complex signals and pulses in advanced cars.
  • Maintains correct trailer lights even when car "swaps" functions if bulb fails.
  • Monitors the trailer flashers with both audible and terminal outputs.
  • Self tests on fitting.
  • Totally transparent: the car does not detect it.
  • ‘Quiescent current' less than one milliampere.
  • Fully snubbed against "spikes" etc. Type-approved for EMC compliance.
  • Protected: stands rough treatment, accidental current reversals, etc.
  • Future-proof new in-vehicle scenarios will continue to be accommodated.
Combination Relay

Used with twin sockets or a 13 pin socket for caravan towers.
This relay provides charging power to the caravan’s leisure battery and to the caravan’s fridge when the vehicle engine is running and the vehicles alternator provides enough charge.
The relay stops the caravan from drawing any power and flattening the car battery if there is not enough output or the vehicle is not running.

Towbar Types

Detachable Swan Neck Towbar

towbar detachable swanneck

This is the most popular detechable style, and slightly cheaper than the Detachable Flanged

  • Cannot tow and carry cycles at the same time
  • Compatible with AL-KO Stabilisers
  • Bumper shields not available with this style of towbar
  • When removed reduces the visual impact of the car
  • Towbar is easily removed when not in use, preserving shins and will not interfere with reversing sensors

Fixed Swan Neck Towbar

towbar fixed swanneck

Slightly more expensive than the fixed flange towbar, but less likely to trigger the reversing sensors

  • Compatible with AL-KO Stabilisers
  • Not suitable for cycle carriers and towing at the same time
  • Bumper shields not available with this style of towbar
  • A nicer looking fixed towbar

Fixed Flange Towbar

towbar fixed flange

This is the most popular towbar used in the UK, and the cheapest option

  • Can tow and carry cycles at the same time
  • Bumper shields can be fitted
  • AL-KO towballs can be fitted
  • This style may interfere with reversing sensors

Towball Types

Standard Towball
Ball & Pin Towball
Alko Towball